Can sex be a workout?

During the course of having sex, some people perspire quite significantly. Depending on how long the act lasts, sometimes the two individuals may end up covered in sweat. You may also have one or both huffing and puffing from the sexual encounter. That often leads many to consider having sex as a form of exercise. But the question lingers on as to whether or not sex can be a workout.

Engaging in sexual acts involves physical activity and various movements. In some cases, it can be deemed as a form of moderate workout. Whether or not it is rigorous and consistent enough to be counted as an exercise is another story. Fact is that if sex was actually a workout, there would be many more perfectly fit people in the world. Yet unlike the time it takes you to run a mile or climb eight thousand steps, sex doesn’t take that long.

According to research, the average sexual encounter only lasts about six minutes. In addition, the statistics of married individuals between the ages of 30 to 50 must be taken into consideration. It shows less than half of them only have sex two or three times a week on average. You then have to factor that in with the 2 hours and 30 minutes worth of moderate exercising the CDC recommends for adults. Intensified workouts such as muscle strengthening activities and others are included in that regimen.

The problem is that for most individuals, sexual activity doesn’t burn up the same amount of energy non-horizontal exercises do. It’s often cited that people burn anywhere between 100 to 200 calories per sex act. However, that statistic seem to be misleading and an overstatement. According to research, the average man only burns around four calories per minute during intercourse. Yet the same male can burn more than double that amount of calories if he were jogging. Even being on a treadmill rendered more heart activity than having sex.

Sex does have an effect on the increase of your metabolic rates. Plus, you also strengthen your muscles and get to stretch them out. Even more so for couples who use other positions than the popular missionary. Those people who like being on top may workout their arms and legs more than other parts of their bodies. At the same time, you also get to exercise your glutes and stomach from the thrusting motions of sex. For women, they obtain an added benefit when having sex. Their abs, kegels and pelvic floor are engaged during sex.

One thing sexual activity does for you is help relieve stress. It also increases a person’s immune system. In both of these aspects, sex can be compared to an exercise. Bottom line is that while sex may not take the place of regular workouts, it can be beneficial. Besides burning calories and getting your blood pumping, you get to enjoy the activity. That is more than people can say about exercising.


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