Why Sex Is So Important to Your Husband

They say that in order for a man to romance a woman, he has to go through an entire ritual. It involves wining, dining, taking her out, being nice to her, buying her flowers and much more. However, for a woman to romance a man, all it takes is giving him food and sex. This may be something that married women or those in serious relationships understand. Perhaps they do not and may be asking why sex is so important to their partner. Overall, there are several reasons as to why this is so. For one, men are way different than women so that is obvious. That may help explain why men and women see relationships in general differently. Women tend to view courtship as a way to get into a relationship. Men on the other hand, pursue a woman romantically because of his sexual passion.

In a man’s defense, there is a lot for them to deal with when it comes to sex. They are bombarded by sex daily on the web, social media, the mall, TV and everywhere they turn. Nonetheless, men’s sexual desires have existed long before any of those things were ever invented. Research has shown that men rate sex at the top of their priorities. Most men express their sexuality and manhood via having sex with their significant other.

The vast majority of men see sex or use it, as a way to connect. While women may enjoy the physical intimacy, men love the sex. Guys in general are very fragile when it comes to their male ego. In most cases, their ego is tied to sex. That in itself may be what motivates a man to continue with his routine on a daily basis. One can say that sex is sort of his nutrient and food. It’s why when women decline a man’s sexual advancement, they often take it personal. It is also the reason they enjoy being praised about their sexual prowess or actions in the bedroom.

Men utilize sex with their wives or girlfriends as a way to stay close to them. Each time you make love, the bond is reinforced and made stronger. The connection is kept even while the couple goes through a fight. As long as sex is used to reaffirm the bond, the men will be happy. Women need to understand that men love sexual fantasies. But, they are also afraid to share them with their spouses. That fear comes from worrying whether or not their partners will make them feel ashamed because of their fantasies. It is up to the woman to encourage and give her husband or partner confidence in sharing.

At the same time, males also see sexual encounters with their spouses as a celebration. Men also use sex as a way to relieve stress and anxiety. That’s why men place sex at the top of the list in their priorities. That’s why it’s so important to them.

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